Here I am

For two decades I have been living in the ¨Staatsliedenbuurt¨ Amsterdam Westerpark. Wherever I go I take my camera with me. When I use to walk to work trough the park, when I went for a run and when I just went for a walk always ready to take a picture.

End of March 2019 I got diagnosed with cancer and ever since then it feels like my life has come to a grinding halt, like a ship stranded in the sand with no water in sight. ⠀

All what is familiar in my daily routine and the outlook on my future have changed. It has been hard on me coping with the new situation, getting more tests and treatment more bad news, not knowing what the future will bring. I didn’t feel like going out and taking pictures and sharing them with the world. ⠀
Step by step I am trying to pick up my life again, and trying to cope that things never will be the same and that I have very few certainties left besides the love of those close to me and that I can always go out with my camera and take pictures. ⠀
So here I am.

Update Mid October 2019

Namita Bhargava
Namita Bhargava mid-September before last chemotherapy session

End of April I started chemotherapy followed by major surgery in the summer I was in the OR for over 11 hours and spent to weeks in the hospital, after that I had a couple more chemotherapy sessions. At the moment I am recovering from my last chemo session. trying to keep fit, I started oncological physiotherapy on my own accord. Mid November I will start on the medicine Olaparib and also start my official revalidation to regain my strength. It became clear that my and my sister both carry the BRCA1 gene that caused ovarian cancer for the both of us. Since we are carrier of the gene not only we will be tested for ovarian cancer but also for breast cancer every couple of months.


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